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Preventing Hair Loss With a Magic Treatment

Preventing Hair Loss With a Magic Treatment


Baldness and hair loss are something that most women try hard to avoid. Hair is a symbol of beauty therefore various efforts are made to avoid the hair loss. Just remember that meals you consume daily affect much to your hair there before eat healthy foods to make your hair more beautiful and healthy. As a matter of fact, the human thyroid gland takes an essential role to grow your hair.

Usually it is caused by two causes: genetic or hereditary factors and other causes. You should keep your hair well. There are a lot of factors that can bring to hair breakage. There are some treatments to make your hair more beautiful and stronger. Follow these smart tips to get what you want and desire.

Massage and apply 2-3 drops of vegetable oil into your scalp then wrap your hair with plastic. After that, use wet towel on the plastic. Just wait for three hours then shampoo your hair. Do it regularly. This treatment is effective to stimulate blood circulation of the scalp and get rid of dead skin. This activity will stimulate your hair to grow.

There is another treatment to make it stronger and more beautiful. Mix honey with egg yolk then apply into your scalp. Leave it for one hour then rinse it. It is beneficial to prevent hair loss. You also can use onion then rub it to the scalp of your hair. Apply it every day. You will see that your hair will be beautiful and shiny. Good luck!


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