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Top Tips For Groom & Best Man Speech

Top Tips For Groom & Best Man Speech

The good (and sometimes bad) thing about being a wedding photographer is that you get to sit through lots and lots and lots of wedding speeches. Usually we're working quite hard while these are going on taking candidate photos of the reactions of the guests, but I always pay attention to the speech to get a idea of ​​when the guests may react (fit's of laughter is always best, but does not 't always happen.) So the following is a few top tips gleaned from the numerous movements we've sat through:

  1. Always plan ahead – It really does not matter how cool you think you are in every day life, do not think you can just rock up to do the speech without any preparation. I've seen quite a few cool and funny guys become quite unstuck when it's come to speech time and they have a room full of people looking at them.
  2. Do not do any 'in jokes' – Jokes that only you and the hand full of guys that went on your stag do are going to get are not much good for the groom or best mans speech. It's a bit like telling a joke that no one finds funny and then spending the next five minutes pissing your pants laughing your head off.
  3. Practice make perfect – Where speakers are concerned, practice, practice and practice some more. The slicker you can be with your delivery the easier it will come and it really does make all the difference. If you can practice in front of a friend or a loved one then do that and get them to give you some honest opinions of how it went.
  4. Do not make any crude joke – Remember you've got more people in the room then just your mates from the stag do, so cracking jokes about what the groom did with that banana will go down like a lead balloon. Make all your jokes things that the vast majority of the room can refer to.
  5. Read nice and slowly and keep your head up – As nice as your shoes may look uncomfortably those two particular inanimate objects are not going to crack a smile at your craftily constructed jokes about the grooms over-use of hair gel (or what ever) . So keep your head up and project your voice. Speaking nice and slowly will help you stop from stumbling over your words, slower, by the way, then you might think.

Source by Darren Niles

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