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Planning your wedding is as stressful as it is exciting and we at Dream Wedding understand this. It becomes even more difficult when you want to marry overseas, as it is difficult to get contacts and impartial advice, especially if there is a language barrier.

Wedding Planners: Savers Of Bridal Sanity

Are you the type that has always done everything yourself? You put yourself through school, own your own business, and are now engaged to your Prince Charming, which you personally ... Read More »

Travel Insurance For Retirees

Recent Claim Example A 44-year-old male travels to Colorado for a 7 day skiing vacation. He pays a $ 32,24 premium to his medical coverage. One day before his scheduled ... Read More »

Wedding Planning: How Do You Plan Your Dream Wedding?

Your boyfriend has finally popped the question and everyone is excited. But then it hits you, the wedding planning. All the preparation and the details suddenly become so overwhelming because ... Read More »

7 Important Things You Should Know About Medigap Insurance

When it comes to health insurance for seniors, one of the largest concerns people have is not getting coverage of a 'pre-existing' condition. Why is this a concern? Because if ... Read More »

Ideas for Wedding Planning

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. Ensuring that things go smoothly on this day should be the priority of every bride. The key to a ... Read More »

Free Tips For Losing Weight – A Quick Weight Loss Diet

For a quick weight loss diet program, it can be very annoying if you are in the middle of your diet plan and suddenly you realize that you have been ... Read More »

Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses Debut As an Edgy Fashion Choice This Year

It is safely assumed that earth tones are on the cutting fashion edgy this year. And if you flip through the bridal magazines, you will easily find canary yellow is ... Read More »

Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Hosting a bachelorette party scavenger hunt is a great ice breaker and will provide tons of fun stories for the rest of the evening. Check out the below list of ... Read More »

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is formulating a plan, a strategy that will cover you and your loved ones upon reduction or cessation of income due to death, disability, critical illness, or if ... Read More »

Personalized Gifts Make the Most Cherished Wedding Gifts

You've been invited to a friends wedding and you've heard it's going to be the event of the year. That means a few hundred of their closest friends and hundreds ... Read More »

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